Office 365 News – Office 365 Limited Admin Roles are here


Finally! Office 365 Limited Admin Roles are here!

(2015-05-22: In my tenant, this option has now gone away…)

SharePoint administrator
Exchange Administrator
Lync Administrator
User/AD Administrator
Helpdesk Administrator
Support Administrator

This has been one of the major missing features in Office 365, one that many has asked for, it has been on the roadmap and ‘In Development’ and ‘Rolling Out’ for a very long time as well. Now it is HERE! In a ‘First Release’ tenant. (Coming to all tenants in due time) To use the limited roles, do this:

1. Go to the Office 365 Admin Portal

2. Select Users -> Active Users


3. Locate a user using search


4. On the Righthand side, Click on Edit User Roles


5. Next, select Limited Admin Role and then check the roles you want the user to have, one or many.

Meg Ryan gets to be a SharePoint Admin only


6. Enter an alternate email, same as you do/did for a Global Administrator account

It cannot be a email address that residen within the tenant

7. Save and you are done!

References and Credits

Myself, I get all the credit this time! 🙂 

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