SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas report part6

Hi friends.

Thursday, fourth Session day! Today is the last session day and the final day of the conference…

I had only two sessions scheduled out of three possible slots, one on Reporting Services and one Customer Case on Search.
The day started as usual with breakfast, this was different though…no bacon. Who can live without a good stack of bacon at breakfast? 😉 Today they also offered a drink that was new to me, a green juice…see for yourself..

Spinache and broccoli? Grass??

It was ok I guess…but one was enough. After breakfast I had as the first session for the day a session on SSRS:

Running Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode: How and Why
(Spc199) Riccardo Mutti

Very good walkthru of setting up Reporting services in Integrated mode, both on SHarePoint 2010 and SQL 2008 R2 and on SharePoint 20103 with SQL 2012.
We also got to know what is good with using integrated mode instead of native, and what makes Microsofts integrated mode real, not compared to aothers that claim to have SharePoint integration. Tings like using built in security and that existing features can be utilized.

It was a very good walkthru and I will probably use the session recording as a good guide, but it could have been better as well, Riccardo used a demo Environment with Everything on the same box, meaning no kerberos and no permissions, which really are the things that make SSRS hard…
We did get to see the new 2013 Service Application model, whach will make SSRS easier to comprehend.

I got a good explanation as to what using a trusted account means, that was good. I Think that many customers and users can make do with a trusted account and thus not have to go thru all of the painstaking issues of setting up the environemnt to support kerberos.

The differnces:

The 2010 with 2008R2 model.

The 2013 with 2012 model.

Interensting stuff.

Next session, a customer session.

Customer Showcase: Telenor and Search with SharePoint
(SPC050) Andreas Hogberg, Denis Heliszkowski, Marius Pedersen

Andreas Högberg from Telenor, a Norwegian telecom Company explained how they quickly moved to use SharePoint 2013 search to get a better result even from their existing 2007 environment.
The end goal was to move completely to 2013 and do that without any ciustomizations, something which 2013 offered as a possibility.

The current global SharePoint 2007 environment had 171 customizations, the new SharePoint 2013 farm had 0(zero).

The plan was to have the two Environments coexist, then step by step move data from 2007 to 2013.

One interesting thing was the use of IaaS, Azure and Infrastructure as a service, they put all of their test and demo Environments there to save Money and time, and the environemnt did at its peak use 300+ cores in the cloud model.

Interesting session, nice to hear from a ‘real’ customer.

With on the session were two Consultants from MCS. Since most of the Project was done under the RDP program, they had MCS in on it to get the knowledge and inside help only MCS could offer.

That was it, last session for me.

I spent some time after that at the Exibit hall, talking to partners and perticipating in the raffles…
I did actually win a Windows 8 phone! Thanks Nintex!! I really love what you do! (Really, they do great workflows!)

I did not win the Ducati Monster motorbike that AvePoint gave away today…that Went to Another happy gentleman…

A few hours of shopping at the Premier Outlet North and I’m ready to go home. I’m flying home on the early bird tomorrow!

This is Thomas Balkeståhl signing out from the 2012 edition of the SharePoin t Conference for the last time. It has been great! I recommend going to everyone who havent been here and that works Close with SharePoint. It’s a uniqe opportunity to get knowledge and insight that you can’t really get anywhere else in the world.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel

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