SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas report part4

Hi friends.

Tuesday, second Session day! This is the first full day with only sessions, not counting the party in the evening.

Today I had a full Schedule, I guess that I am one of the few who really wants to make tis stay Count and go to all the sessions I can.
Since it is really late when I’m Writing this and I want to get some rest until tomorrow, I’ll keep this rather short but effective….

Overview of the new SharePoint Online
First session, Mark Kashman talks a bit about SharePoint online.
THis was a really good session, Mark answered a lot of questions from the audience and it was really good. If i just list a few good things mentioned:
Project server in the cloud.
Guest Links
Hybrid Search
NAPA (Visual Studio Light – in the browser)
SkyDrive pro when released, will have 7GB of storage
PowerSHell support in the clound, I ould say it’s just basic support and there is a lot to wish for, but better than nothing. (I emailed Mark asking for when PowerShell will be fully supported)

Wish I’d have known that sooner! SharePoint 2013 demystified
(SPC266) Dan Holme and Jeremy Thake
Second session, a lot of good stuff on the things lots of people ask for but that is not really in the documentation…kind of…
The best part of this session was about RBS and Shredded Storage, read up on it…RNS can allow you to take advantage of the new WIndows Server 2012 features such as Deduplicated Data. Thus saving on storage space, that and a lot more has been done on saving data and data across the network.
Unfortunately they spent a lot of time on apps, even though it was a IT PRO session. Well, most of it was good and I gave them straight 5s in the survey.

We had a normal Conference lunch with meat, Ceasar sallad and a potatosdallad that was actually really god. We finnished it all off with selected pastries and coffee…

Overview of search driven Web Sites and Cross Site Publishing.
(SPC180) Daniel Cogan.
This session was about how to use search to get the content that you show in a page, making it dynamic and content driven.
Really good stuff, if you can get your ands on the slide/presentation, Watch it.

Claims based authentication – migrating to the new SharePoint 2013 Identity model.
(SPC039) Israel Vega jr och Nathan Miller
This was al about upgrading and what to do with Authentication.
One big thing I have learned here in Vegas, is that CLassic auth is more or less unsupported now with 2013. It can still work, it can be created using PowerShell but that is only for temporary use.
A lot more is to be said in this, but this is the key:
Use Windows Claims authentication if you can!

Last session for today:

SharePoint 2013 Identity and Authenticat ion Smackdown.
This was supposed to be held by Steve Paschke who was sick. Israel Vega jr and one more great speaker jumped in to save the day.
Much was the same as the previous…a lot about upgrading Classic and Windows auth to claims.
This session was interupted by a false fire alarm, but it stopped eventually efter about 180 times…then they told us 30 times that there was no danger…

Last topic of the day, Jon Bon Jovi party at Mandalay Bech resort…! Need I say more..? Free good food, free beer, free wine and free drinks even.
Unfortunately it was a cold november day and we ended up thinking it was cold, we left the party Before it was over and headed back to our rooms.

A gret day all in all, but jesus, I am tired…

I’ll try to keep reporting to all off you directly each and every day during the conference in order to share some parts of the great experience…

Stay tuned, this me, signing out, from day two of my SharePoint conference experience.

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