SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas report part5

Hi friends.

Wednesday, third Session day! Today is the first Spencer Harbar day…

Another day with all sessions, then after that Ask the Experts Night. Nice…

I started out with the obvious selection this day. Spencer Harbar on UPS. For those of you who don’t know that name. He is the GOD on UPS, he has probably saved more UPS installations than anyone else.

User Profile Synchronization Best Practises in SharePoint Server 2013
(SPC245) Spencer Harbar

Spencer talked about the new and improved UPS in SharePoint 2013, what really is new (because a lot isn’t) is the 3 modes you can choose between.
-AD Import (That was available in SharePoint 2007 has been reintroduced and improved)

The reintroduced AD Import probably does what the majority of all customers want, a simple synch of user profile data to SharePoint.
It is import only and simpler than UPS, but it gets you the basics and more.
The Profile data is even entered into the Managed metadata Term store. Really nice.
Simple to configure and really a nice new option.

UPS, same as before, the real deal.


All in all, a really great session that gave a lot of good info and most of all, hope, that UPS will be better this time.
And, Spencer Harbar is the man, no question!
See his blog here:

Migrating to SharePoint online in office 365 – strategy and best practices
(SPC152) Phil Cohen, Kimmo Fors

Again, a very good session. Things to think about from two Consultants from Microsoft Consulting Services. Really valuable content, experiences from real migrations that is hard to come by.

Key, same as with UPS and Everything else, planning!

Planning and Creating well designed Intranet Sites in SharePoint online
(SPC015) Randy Drisgill, john Ross

This was not really what I was hoping for, but still a very good session. What to Think about before setting up your Intranet in the cloud. How to make it useable and to look good. Again…plan plan plan…:-)

They started of with a few numbers:
Of all Projects setting up SharePoint the following is actually true:
62% over time
49% over budget
28% do not fit requirements

Proper planning could have made them all 100% successfull.

Deep dive to plan and Prepare for your users to interact with SharePoint from their Mobile devices.

A very good Eye-opener on what can be done to make the Smartphone users experience better or even good. The new default Mobile view in SharePoint teamsites is really good. Try it out. No more basic text…
With apps coming out, like the Office hub and the SharePoint news reader, it will be a good offering to SmartPhone users.

Customizing the way SharePoint 2013 looks.

A session on theme’ing and branding in SharePoint 2013. A really good session that showed us how to build your own themes and theme colors and also masterpages and css. The story on branding in 2013 just got a lot better.

Ask the experts.
The traditional ask the experts evening shared it with the exibit, all partners were in Place and showeed their solutions and companies to all that were interested. I spent some time today here at lunch as well and by now, it feels like I have seen most and talked to the ones I am interested in.
I got to talk to the creator of passphrases in SharePoint (Sean Livingston) and ask him if they were needed…(See privious post)
He unfortunately took it the wrong way and got almost upset…I still believe though, even after talking to the father of the Farm PassPhrase, that it is not really needed…it is more for percieved security, not security in itself…
And yes, do get me right, it is used!, to encrypt data in the db, but what I’m saying is that we don’t really need to see it or even know about it. It could just as well be hidden behind the scenes and be 200 chars long…in my opinion(until someone really proves me wrong…)

Ok, that was it. More fun tomorrow. That is the last day of the Conference and sessions are only planned for half the day. We’ll see what happens then.

I’ll try to keep reporting to all off you directly each and every day during the conference in order to share some parts of the great experience…

Stay tuned, this me, signing out, from day two of my SharePoint conference experience.

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