SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas report part1

Hi friends.

Next week is Sharepoint conference week, it starts Monday, not a big deal for most of you, but for us going…what a great time to look forward to.

This is my second consecutive SharePoint Conference and this year we have a new version out, which means it will be a little bit extra. All the new features, the new ways of doing things, the new experiences and even the new ways to license…its all new and that has got t be exciting!

I have been to quite a few of these Microsoft events in the US, perhaps around 10 over the years, internal and external like this time, and I have to tell you, Microsoft are good at throwing these things.
I have heard that Microsoft this year expects around 10.000 attendees to show up, and the simple challenge of managing all of them is no small feat. However, I feel certain that it will all be world class as usual.

Last year was great, it was in Anaheim California and it was all about the experiences people had had with 2010, this time its a little bit different, its Las Vegas and its going to be all about the news in 2013…
What can we do now that we couldn’t before, what has been removed and what has been learned from 2010 and incorporated into this version 2013?

Vegas will require some attention to be sure, but the Conferences Sessions will be winning my attention. Call me a geek but I’m so looking forward to the learning part, to the part where I get new ideas, where i discover new things in SharePont. No offense LasVegas, but what you have to offer doesn’t stand a chance…(to me, but I’m guessing a lot of the 10.000 will think and act differently) I’ve been to Vegas once before, 15 years ago, same time as the premiere of Star Wars I…same time as the Matrix came out…

We came to Vegas a friend and I, in a rented Mustang convertable from San Fransisco…we came at night and Vegas was all open 24/7…after spending 5 nights during which we tried most of what Vegas had to offer (thats legal), I never thought I would want to come back, or that I would ever find a reason good enough…but trust me, right now while writing this post, sitting on a plane, 4 hours into a 20 hour trip, I cant wait to see Vegas once again and more specifically, to go to the conference!

I’ll report to all off you directly each and every day during the conference, for those of you who can’t be with us onsite, i’ll try to share some parts of the great experience…

Stay tuned, this me, signing out, from day one of the SharePoint conference experience.





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