SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas report part2

Hi friends.

Last ‘free’ day Before the real action starts. (adding Pictures later on when I get them uploaded)
Today was registration day, after saying hello to a few extremely relaxed ‘guards’ that were positioned to show us all the way forward…we found the registration boths, new this year was the selfservice checkin, using your ID used to register, you printed your own badge and then simply picked it up. We all got a backpack complements of HP and with it a lot of information and the most important thing of all, the wristband for the Bon Jovi party later in the week.

Me and my Conference buddy from back home had planned to rent a car, then go to Grand Canyon and the Hoover dam, then spend the rest of the day at one of the large Outlets in Vegas. The plan however had flaws…
After having a good US breakfast at the Luxor Pramid cafe, we ran into some hurdles…getting a car was not that easy, especially when youre on a budget, we ended up beeing 2 hours late and paying more than we planned to. If we only had made reservations from back home…
.Then, once on the road we noticed that it was farther away then we forst had thought. I would say about 60 miles and 10 of them on gravel. But, we got there…West Grand Canyon. We had not expected the admission fee (including a lot of Native Indian perks) of $44…

At least the 44 included a hop on/hop off bus tour that took us to Three different view sites, the Grand Canyon was spectacular!! If you ever come to Vegas, see it!

When we got going again it was getting late, the sun were setting and we started to worry about making the Welcome reception.

Since my buddy had not seen the Hoover Dam Before, we had to make a Quick stop there as well on the way back, it was dark when we got there but it was still a good experience. Perhaps even better in the dark, you tell me?

Next this was that we had to fill the car up with gas and, the difficult thing, we had to wash the car from driving on the gravel, if you did not, you got a fine of $40…it took us more than an hour driving all across Las Vegas looking for the carwash Place…when we finally found it, got he car cleaned up and parked back at Mandalay Bay, it was too late for the Welcome Reception…I got to drive a lot of car though…

A quick fast food dinner and we diceded to skip the chance of getting 5 minutes at the reception and instead, gather our strength for tomorrow instead, breakfast at 7:30 and then its time for the first starting keynote. I can’t wait.

I’ll try to keep reporting to all off you directly each and every day during the conference in order to share some parts of the great experience…

Stay tuned, this me, signing out, from day two of my SharePoint conference experience.

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