SharePoint News – Download SharePoint Server 2016 preview now


SharePoint Server 2016 Preview

Yes! SharePoint Server 2016 has finally been released as a preview installation

Long awaited for, longed for by many, feared by the competition…

On  the 24th of august, Microsoft released a preview of the next generation of SharePoint onprem, SharePoint Server 2016. Last I Heard, the release is due sometime Q1 – Q2 of 2015.
Make sure that you have room, the ISO alone is 2.84GB in size…

(Or go straight to the ISO download)

Prerequisites, it will run on

•Windows Server 2012 R2
•Windows Server Technical Preview 2

About the Product from Microsoft

SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview has been designed, developed, and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy at its’ core.
Drawing extensively from that experience, SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview is designed to help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance, delivering features and capabilities that simplify administration, protect communications and information, and empower users while meeting their demands for greater business mobility.
You can choose from a traditional on-premises deployment, a hosted service with Microsoft Office 365 sites powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online, deployment in Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or a mix of these options with a hybrid approach, enabling you to enrich traditional on-premises scenarios with the innovation in the cloud.
Need more information about SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview? See the  product details page.SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview builds on the investments of previous SharePoint releases to help:
1.Lower IT costs with a cloud inspired infrastructure and scalable collaboration platform
2.Better manage risk by safeguarding your business with secure and reliable capabilities
3.Deliver modern collaboration experiences across devices and screens’

To install SharePoint Server Preview

1.Review SharePoint Server 2013  system requirements
2.Download and install full-featured software for a 180-day trial
3.When prompted, use the following product key: NQTMW-K63MQ-39G6H-B2CH9-FRDWJ


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Myself, I get all the credit this time as well! 🙂 




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Office 365 News – Sway preview now available in your First Release tenant

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Try out Sway in your First Release tenant now


Ok, if you want to try out Sway within your organization, here it is. It popped up on the App Launcher just the other day.


(You can use this URL: and then sign in with your organizational account)

It is a preview, not fully operational yet but as many of you have seen, it works remarkably well!
Microsoft uses Sway in a lot of their presentations and they look great 🙂
I can give you a great example, at Ignite, Mark Kashman held a session the last day where he recapped all SharePoint content during the Conference in a Sway:

Try it out, remember that there are a few limitations though.
– I have found the ‘Import from PowerPoint’ to be really bad, it imports all objects one by one as a ‘slide’. Try it out and see for yourselves.
– Also, every time you press ‘Get started’ a new Sway is created, even you you do nothing more it will show up in the list.

In Sway preview you can set the permissions to be:
– Public
– People with the link
– My organization (Everyone)
– Just me
For now, this is fine, but eventually we will want to be able to add Groups of users or a select few.

You can add content easily be searching for it and just drag and drop it to the Sway Surface.


If you don’t like the design and don’t feel like spending time on making it just right, use the ‘Remix’ button.

Remix will apply a new design to the entire Sway, Headers, Colors, Formatting and all.




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