One Bastion to access them all (All peered vNets)


Until now, Azure Bastion has been restricted to use within the one vNet where it is connected.
It could not work across vNet peerings or vNets connected to Virtual VAN’s.
If you wanted to use Bastion, you needed to create separate Bastions per vNet. Bastion with regular use comes with a cost of approximately $120/Bastion and Month, $1500/Bastion/Year. (10 vNets = $15.000)
This have now changed. Now, $1500/customer/year is enough (Well worth it!). (10 vNets = $1.500)

Bastion can now work across vNet peering!

If you have a virtual VAN and your vNets are connected this way, you can add peering in a hub & spoke modell to the vNet where your Bastion is located, this will allow you to use Bastion anyway without disturbing the Virtual VAN functionality.

All you have to do, is create a 2 way peering between the vNet with a Bastion, and the second vNet, and Bastion will show up in the portals ‘Connect’ dialogue.








 Thomas Odell Balkeståhl on LinkedIn


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