SharePoint Server 2013 Language Packs

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Update: Additional SharePoint Server 2013 LP’s (the full list) made GA, Generally Available since April 30 – SharePoint Server 2013 LP’s

Language support in SharePoint 2013 onprem…
(Lacking better info, I assume that the same list applies to SharePoint online)


Remember this anyone?

If you are like me you have not seen anything official on the topic of Language Packs and release dates and availability yet (written April 16, 2013).
I don’t know if anyone has put this info out there yet, but I have not found it and then I figure it won’t hurt to do it here I guess…

In my case, I was looking for Swedish, but others need to find their special local language, now I have some info for all of you:

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SharePoint Server 2013 LP’s (44 LP’s)
SharePoint Foundation 2013 LP’s (44 LP’s)
Office Web Apps 2013 LP’s (44 LP’s)
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 SharePoint in the languages listed under Server Language packs are also available in a localized server version, these are also available at MSDN  

SharePoint Server 2013
Since (March 28) April 30th, all Language Packs are now available as a free download (link) Select your language in the dropdown or use the directlink in the list below.
(serverlanguagepack.img) I recommend renaming the files when downloaded since all LP’s have the same name, add for example the two letter code for your country after the filename: serverlanguagepack_se.exe (Swedish SPS LP)

TechNet suggests you take one of the following actions:
For Windows Server 2012, open the .img file directly and run Setup.exe (double-click it).
For Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, use a program that can mount or extract .img files. Then run Setup.exe (double-click it).

Generally Available Server Language packs listed:

Language Release date
English March 28, 2013
German April 30, 2013
French April 30, 2013
Hebrew April 30, 2013
Italian April 30, 2013
Japanese April 30, 2013
Spanish April 30, 2013
Catalan April 30, 2013
Portuguese-Brazil April 30, 2013
Chinese – Simplified April 30, 2013
Chinese – Traditional April 30, 2013
Dutch April 30, 2013
Korean April 30, 2013
Russian April 30, 2013
Czech April 30, 2013
Greek April 30, 2013
Hungarian April 30, 2013
Romanian April 30, 2013
Thai April 30, 2013
Turkish April 30, 2013
Ukrainian April 30, 2013
Serbian (Latin) N/A! April 30, 2013
Serbian (Cyrillic) April 30, 2013
Slovak April 30, 2013
Slovenian April 30, 2013
Bulgarian April 30, 2013
Croatian April 30, 2013
Estonian April 30, 2013
Kazakh April 30, 2013
Latvian April 30, 2013
Lithuanian April 30, 2013
Danish April 30, 2013
Finnish April 30, 2013
Norwegian (Bokmål) April 30, 2013
Swedish April 30, 2013
Arabic April 30, 2013
Hindi April 30, 2013
Polish April 30, 2013
Portuguese-Portugal April 30, 2013
Malay (Malaysia) April 30, 2013
Indonesian April 30, 2013
Vietnamese April 30, 2013
Galician April 30, 2013
Basque April 30, 2013

You can also find these on MSDN (and TechNet) (link):

SharePoint Foundation 2013
Language Packs for SharePoint Foundation 2013 is a free download (link)
(sharepointlanguagepack.exe) I recommend renaming the files when downloaded since all LP’s have the same name, add for example the two letter code for your country after the filename: sharepointlanguagepack_se.exe (Swedish SPF LP)
Size: Aproximately 29 MB

Language Release date
English October 30, 2012
German October 30, 2012
French October 30, 2012
Hebrew October 30, 2012
Italian October 30, 2012
Japanese October 30, 2012
Spanish October 30, 2012
Catalan October 30, 2012
Portuguese-Brazil October 30, 2012
Chinese – Simplified October 30, 2012
Chinese – Traditional October 30, 2012
Dutch October 30, 2012
Korean October 30, 2012
Russian October 30, 2012
Czech October 30, 2012
Greek October 30, 2012
Hungarian October 30, 2012
Romanian October 30, 2012
Thai October 30, 2012
Turkish October 30, 2012
Ukrainian October 30, 2012
Serbian (Latin) N/A! October 30, 2012
Serbian (Cyrillic) October 30, 2012
Slovak October 30, 2012
Slovenian October 30, 2012
Bulgarian October 30, 2012
Croatian October 30, 2012
Estonian October 30, 2012
Kazakh October 30, 2012
Latvian October 30, 2012
Lithuanian October 30, 2012
Danish October 30, 2012
Finnish October 30, 2012
Norwegian (Bokmål) October 30, 2012
Swedish October 30, 2012
Arabic October 30, 2012
Hindi October 30, 2012
Polish October 30, 2012
Portuguese-Portugal October 30, 2012
Malay (Malaysia) October 30, 2012
Indonesian October 30, 2012
Vietnamese October 30, 2012
Galician October 30, 2012
Basque October 30, 2012

Office Web Apps 2013
Language Packs for Office Web Apps 2013 is a free download (link)
(wacserverlanguagepack.exe) I recommend renaming the files when downloaded since all LP’s have the ame name, add for example the two letter code for your country after the filename: wacserverlanguagepack_se.exe (Swedish LP)
Size: Aproximately 25.5 MB

List last updated May 23, 2013

Language Release date
Chinese – Simplified
Chinese – Traditional
Serbian (Latin) N/A!
Serbian (Cyrillic)
Norwegian (Bokmål)
Malay (Malaysia)

I hope that this will help you find what you need. This was the kind of info I was looking for and could not find so hopwefully it will help you save time.


Language Packs for Microsoft Office Web Apps Server

Language Packs for SharePoint Foundation 2013

Office Server 2013 Language Pack on MSDN Subscriber Downloads

Install or uninstall language packs for SharePoint 2013 (Foundation and Server)

Thanks to:
Wictor Wilén who pointed out the simple fact to me that the Server LP’s were available on MSDN…a fact I had somehow managed to miss.




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13 thoughts on “SharePoint Server 2013 Language Packs

  1. I went to the link in technet you provided, but I only saw the English language pack for SP 2013. Do I need a premium subscription or something to see the language packs? Are they not publicly available yet?

  2. When downloading the Spanish LP for SP 2013 Server I get a file called serverlanguagepack.img. The instrucitons say to run it, which doesn’t work. What’s the trick?

    1. Hi.
      ‘Run it’ works in Windows Server 2012 but not on 2008 R2. Sorry ’bout that.
      For 2008R2 you will need additional software, preferably installed on a client PC and exteract the files from there to a fileshare.
      I updated the post on your input, thanks.
      Regards // Thomas

      1. Thanks for that. I hope you won;t find a follow up question: I instaled the March and April updates for SP2013 before installing the LP but did not run the SP Products Config Wizard after the updates. Now when the wizard runs it never completes task 9 of 10 (Upgrading SharePoint Products). It just sists there doing that forever. I’m thinking I need to start over but I am not sure
        what is the correct order for installing the LP and the updates. Your thoughts on that would be appreciated.

      2. Hi.
        I say that the order does not metter, that was the case in 2007 and 2010 and I guess that hasn’t changed.
        I have seen the wizard hanging at times as well, if the wizard stops, try running psconfig:
        psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait
        (same as running the wizard with no change)
        Regards // Thomas

      3. Thanks again. I am trying this on a single server. I think the problem may be SQL Server permissions. When I installed SP2013 I specified the wrong domain account as the farm account, I changed it by registering the right account using the Central Admin site, but it did not get the same SQL permissions as the first account. I’ve corrected that by hand and will try running psconfig again. By the way, the PSCDiagnostics log keeps getting entries that say “SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds” while the wizard hangs.

      1. The first account was added the db_accessadmin, SharePoint_Shell_Access, SPDataAccess, and WSS_Content_Application_Pools roles during installation. No dbo role. So I did the same for the second account and that worked.

        Your answer about the installation order for LPs and up[dates was very helpful. There is stil no one place where all of the options for installing SP are covered, unfortunately. I think the reason is that there is just too much to it and everyone has a different requirements, so we focus on different things.



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