Awarded MVP status

Email in on April 1st 16:55 local time(UTC+1):
Thomas Balkestahl,
Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2013 Microsoft® MVP Award!


On April 1st 2013 I was awarded the title MVP by Microsoft, first time and all, it is hard to grasp what this will mean for me. First off I feel like it is simply an elaborate thank you from Microsoft for the work I have done in the SharePoint community, but in a way it is so much more. Some doors that were previously closed will now be open, I also suspect that the title will bring with it some respect that will help me achieve things and a respect that I will have to live up to, this will be a challenge that I gladly accept!

For those of you who don’t know me or perhaps don’t know me that well (yet?), I can say that a lot of hard work is behind this title, a lot of work! I will not go into detail on what I have done and what I haven’t, but I invite you all to browse around this blog, new and old posts and perhaps you will get a feel of what I have been up to during the last year and a half.
Every award has to be followed up by a thank you speech right? Ok, ok, calm down, I will not break the tradition…Since this blog is my forum for public speech, I will also give the thank you speech here. Ok, here it goes (quiet down everyone):

*** Overly ambitious speech starts here ***

First off I have to thank my family and my parents, my father who is greatly responsible for me being in this trade in the first place. At a computer fair in the late seventies/early eighties he taught me the very essence of programming:
10 PRINT “Thomas”
20 GOTO 10
Those simple lines made me realize that the sky was the limit, anything was possible on a computer and from that fair, I left an enlightened child. Soon after that he provided me with my first personal computer, the Sinclair ZX81, a wonder of modern technology, basic was built-in and all touch keys had its predetermined basic command, like PRINT, GOTO, LIST and so on…so, Dad, Thanks a lot for putting me on a career path that I love! My mother has been equally supporting but less involved in the technology, Thanks Mom!
I also have to thank my two wonderful kids, they always put up with a dad glued to the computer late at night and they are always my no 1 inspiration! I love you both and I would do anything for you!

Thanks to my brother, you are the best brother I could ever want!
My dear friends, all of you, you also know who you are, Thanks! Without my friends I would not endure for long.
To my customers, honestly, some of you have been and are really great and some of you have been the inspiration of some of the more popular posts on this blog!
Thanks to my employers over the years, for putting up with me…especially Microsoft, Enfo Zipper and TrueSec!
Of course, a big THANK YOU to my colleagues at TrueSec, LabCenter and AddLevel. You all inspire me!
In case I unintentionally missed someone, I’ll simply add a big THANK YOU to all the rest, thanks for all the good that you have done.

*** Too long and boring speech ends here ***

Thats it, now I’ll simply keep going and see where that leads me…

Sinclair ZX81


Enfo Zipper

MVP Home

My MVP Profile


Moving on to the next chapter!


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