List all changes made in your Azure environment in one query using Azure Resource Graph


The kusto query below is using the new ResourceChanges resource, and will give you a list of all changes made in your Azure environment, create, update, delete, automatic or manual, it will all be there. (Where you have access).
This is a great way to keep track of what is happening in and to your environment.

You will get the following info from each change made:

Subcription Name

This list can get pretty long, so it can be a good idea to filer and sort a bit. Especially on the timeframe (in the sample query, it is set to 7 days).
Filter can be applies to subscription, dates, resource groups, resource name, type, etc.

| where resourceGroup contains “production”
Will give you only the changes made to RG’s with production in the name.

| where resourceType = “virtualMachines”
Will give you only the changes made to resources of type Virtual Machine.

Open the Azure portal, find ‘Azure Resource Graph Explorer’, then paste the following query in the query windows and hit run.

| join kind=inner
   | where type == 'microsoft.resources/subscriptions'
   | project subscriptionId, subscriptionName = name)
   on subscriptionId
| extend changeTime = todatetime(properties.changeAttributes.timestamp), targetResourceId = tostring(properties.targetResourceId),
changeType = tostring(properties.changeType), correlationId = properties.changeAttributes.correlationId,
changedProperties = properties.changes, changeCount = properties.changeAttributes.changesCount
| extend resourceName = tostring(split(targetResourceId, '/')[-1])
| extend resourceType = tostring(split(targetResourceId, '/')[-2])
| where changeTime > ago(7d)
// Change the time span as preferred, 1d(1 day/24h), 7d, 30d...
| where subscriptionName contains "DevTest" // "" for all subscriptions
| order by changeType asc, changeTime desc
// Change what you sort by as prefered, type, time, subscriptionName, etc.
| project changeTime, resourceName, resourceType, resourceGroup, changeType, subscriptionName, subscriptionId, targetResourceId, 
correlationId, changeCount, changedProperties
As this is a functionality in public preview at the time of posting, the following applies:

Resource configuration changes is in Public Preview and only supports changes to resource types from the Resources table in Resource Graph. This does not yet include changes to the resource container resources, such as Management groups, Subscriptions, and Resource groups.

Happy resource mining!





 Thomas Odell Balkeståhl on LinkedIn


2 thoughts on “List all changes made in your Azure environment in one query using Azure Resource Graph

  1. Hi Thomas, I refer to your article (List all changes made in your Azure environment in one query using Azure Resource Graph). Looking for a way to run Azure Resource Graph query from Power BI, do you know how ?

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