Whitepaper – SharePoint 2010 Site Settings made easy


Ok, when lacking a better way of getting this out to the public, I’ll just drop it here for now, this is free and it is a lot of work behind it, please download and use if you find it’s content valuable. Perhaps I will find a better means of getting it out, but this is ok for now.

As you all know, the Site Settings in SharePoint Server 2010 are dynamic, meaning that they change as different features are enabled or disabled. Some are available in the Site Collection root only(SPSite), some in subsites(SPWeb) only.
All of these seetings that have been made available to us in SharePoint Server 2010, I have catalogued and tagged.

You will find all settings explained, when they show up and what they do, what the url is and if it can be controlled using PowerShell.
These are the sections that we have seen so many times but perhaps not reflected over, I know I still saw a setting or two that I did not know existed during mywork with this paper…

Site Settings, 71 all in all available in the following categories:

Users and permissions
Site Administration
Site Collection Administration
Look and feel
Site Actions
Reporting Services

Download, but please do not share the document, share the link. That way I will get some form of reward in knowing how many people have downloaded and used my paper. Thanks!

Big THANKS to my present and future Collegues and friends for helping out and supporting the idea:
Mattias Gutke (Enfo Zipper)
Niklas Goude (Truesec)
Anders Grönlund (Enfo Zipper)

I owe you guys big time!

For the rest of you – Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Whitepaper – SharePoint 2010 Site Settings made easy

  1. Love the principle of telling through colour code what is available when. Looking for something similar which would explain what the different site features are doing and what Web Part become available + Site Templates & Web Parts

    1. Thanks David, really, appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback!
      Spread the Word 🙂
      I’m planning on releasing the same for 2013 in a near future, follow my blog and you will have it first…
      // Thomas

  2. Hello Thomas,

    The document is very useful for all associates who are working on SharePoint to understand exactly what are these links and also when they would be available to whom.

    Thank you for the Doc I was also looking similar to this. Thanks for your effort for preparing this.

    Excellent and Very Useful


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