100K Views of BLKSTHL

100.000 views of  BLKSTHL_180 !

…a small step for the SharePoint Community, but a huge step for a simple SharePoint enthusiast…


Today, on April 16th 2013 I got my 100.000’nd view on http://blog.blksthl.com. It’s an amazing feeling. I never suspected that when I first started blogging about a year and a half ago. As you can see in my very first post ever: https://blog.blksthl.com/2011/06/23/first-post/
the content has improved somewhat since then…
I’m honoured and humbled be this great number, if it were unique visitors then it would be a lot of people…all of these visits from people all over the World, all in all, I have had people coming in from 174 different countries to visit, that’s really Amazing!

All I can do now is try to keep it up, I’ll try to keep writing the guides that nobody else does, try to add the information that is not avalible in any decent form anywhere else. If you have a topic that you want me to do a post on or a guide on how to do, let me know and I’ll think about it.

I also have to say
THANK YOU as well to all of you who have visited my blog
THANK YOU who have commented
THANK YOU who have contributed
Thanks a lot everyone for reading what I write.

I also have to say a special thanks to my friends and coworkers over time who have in different ways helped me and supported me during my SharePoint efforts, without these guys, I would never have managed:
Mattias Gutke, Björn Rosen, Anders Grönlund, Niklas Goude, Andrija Marcic, Mattias Karlsson.
Thanks guys!

With that, onward towards 200.000, or maybe 1.000.000 is the next official milestone?


Keep enjoying!


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