Blocked traffic on a public IP on a Load balancer



You setup a new Load balancer with public IP(s) for incoming traffic, but when testing, all incoming traffic is blocked. No reason, its just blocked.

(Resolution at the end…)

Azure based environment.
An appliance (or a VM) with one or two NIC’s connected to a public IP

Add a NSG to the public IP’s…and specifically allow the traffic you want to allow, if you don’t care, add from any to any port *
If you don’t add an NSG to the NIC, traffic to the Public IP will be blocked…it just is.

Azure Firewall SNAT private IP address ranges

Deploy an Azure Firewall with multiple public IP addresses using Azure PowerShell

Thanks to:
Thomas Vuylsteke – Microsoft Azure Fasttrack team
Microsoft Premier Support
Akelius Residential Property AB (Martin Supan, Mattias Segerström)




 Thomas Odell Balkeståhl on LinkedIn


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